The medical reform in that country proved to be _____failure, but as we know, success often comes after _____ failure.

A.a; the            B.a; /              C.a; a              D./; /


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_____ you keep on trying, I really don’t mind whetheryou can come up top in your class.

A.As long as         B.Even though       C.As soon as         D.The moment


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____ in a key university is almost every high schoolstudent’s wish.

A.Educating         B.To educate         C.Educated          D.Beingeducated


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Studies have shown that children grow and developquite normally on a diet ___ plenty of bread and vegetables with small amountsof milk and meat.

A.is consistedof      B.consists of         C.consisted of        D.consisting of


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Although some people expressed their disagreement atthe meeting, most of them were _____ the reform.

A.in need of         B.in memory of       C.in favour of        D.in honour of


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On AIDS Day, the minister of Health Departmentdemanded that the problems _____ paid special attention to.

A.referred tobeing   B.referred tobe      C.refer tobeing      D.refer to be


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He pretended _____ an important paper when the bossentered.

A.to read           B.to be reading       C.to have read       D.to have beenreading


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 At the meeting they discussed three different____ to the study of English grammar.

A.approaches        B.means            C.methods          D.ways


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Clothing made of man-made fibers has certainadvantages over _____ made of natural fibers like cotton, wool or silk.

A.the ones          B.one              C.that              D.what


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Jack is a great talker. It’s high time thathe ____something instead of just talking.

A.will do            B.has done          C.do               D.did


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 After school we went to the reading-room to dosome reading, only to be told that it _____.

A.was decorated                         B.had decorated

C.had beendecorating                     D.was beingdecorated


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“It is not only you but also Tom who ____,” said theteacher after knowing what had happened.

A.are blamed        B.is blamed          C.are to blame       D.is to blame


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Surely many questions will ____ about Haiti’s futureafter the big earthquake, which has been the strongest in Haiti in the past 200years.

A.rise              B.arise             C.raise             D.announce


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 If it ____for the snow, we____ the mountainyesterday.

A.were not,could have climbed              B.were not,could climb

C.had not been,could have climbed           D.hadn’t been, could climb


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–--I am terribly sorry, Lucy. I’ve left your notebookat home.

---___? I reminded you last night.

A.So what           B.Why not          C.How come         D.What if


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短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分, 满分10分)

Women are playing a much important part in societythan before. Now women are working as teachers, scientists but even leaders.Almost all jobs that used to be done by men is done perfectly well by women.Women are no longer looked down in society. As the changes in their socialrole, women’s position in the family has been improved as well. That is hard tofind the wife is busy while the husband is sitting in an armchair, watches TV.Though there are a lot of changes, the great number of men still guard theirrights. Sometimes few women are allowing to attend important meetings. This isthe problem we should try to solve it now.


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注意:1. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

2. 词数:100字左右。 3. 开头已经写好,不计入总次数。

参考词汇:早恋:puppylove   不成熟:immature

Dear Editor,

I am writing to raise public concern over puppy lovein high school. _______________Yours,

Li Hua


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This was my grandmother’s first Christmas withoutgrandfather. When we reached her house, it did seem a little 36 withoutgrandfather.

Grandfather had always said the Christmas  37 wasthe most important. So we set to work assembling(组装)thebeautiful  38 tree that was stored in grandfather’s closet(储藏室). After we finished, we stepped back to  39 ourwork. It looked wonderful. But something was  40 .

“Where’s the star?” I asked. It was my grandmother’s  41 .As we emptied box after box and found no star, my grandmother’s eyes  42 withtears. Grandfather had given it to Grandmother fifty years ago. Now, on herfirst Christmas without  43 , the star was gone, too.

“Let’s  44 in the closet where thetree was,” my sister Donna said. We  45 under beds and overshelves, inside and outside  46 we had exhausted everypossibility. We could see Grandmother was  47 , although shetried not to show it. By now, it was  48 outside, and time forbed, as Santa would soon be here.

The next morning, my sisters and I  49 earlyto see what Santa had left under the tree. After breakfast, the family sattogether to  50 presents. “The last gift is to Grandmotherfrom Grandfather.” Father said, in a puzzled voice.

“From who?” There was  51  in mygrandmother’s voice.

“I found that  52 in the closet whenwe got the tree down,” Mother explained.

My grandmother opened it. Her face lit up when shepulled out a(n)  53  golden star. There was a note attached.Her voice trembled(颤抖)as she read it:

Don’t be  54  with me, dear. I brokeyour star while putting away the tree. Thought it was time for a new one, Ihope it brings you as much  55  as the first one. MerryChristmas.

1.                A.empty          B.cold           C.slow D.absent


2.                A.wish           B.tree           C.spirit D.work


3.                A.unique         B.artificial         C.widespread    D.alive


4.                A.follow          B.show           C.judge D.admire


5.                A.losing          B.happening       C.missing   D.falling


6.                A.doubt          B.reward         C.honour   D.treasure


7.                A.filled           B.covered        C.put  D.removed


8.                A.them          B.it              C.her  D.him


9.                A.stop           B.move          C.start D.stay


10.               A.hid            B.searched       C.lay   D.found


11.               A.as             B.until           C.because   D.though


12.               A.disappointed    B.amazed         C.excited    D.shocked


13.               A.snowing        B.raining         C.blowing   D.darkening


14.               A.cheered up     B.picked up       C.woke up   D.took up


15.               A.pack           B.open          C.pick  D.exchange


16.               A.happiness       B.fright          C.surprise   D.hope


17.               A.gift            B.book           C.note  D.letter


18.               A.big            B.old            C.shining    D.broken


19.               A.generous       B.angry          C.strict D.important


20.               A.sadness        B.concern        C.peace D.joy



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Tips on Making a Decision

Decision-making never ends. It is an important part ofeveryday life, and it is how we choose our path.   1. Sometimeswe leave things to luck. Other times we take a more active role. Here are someof the ways we usually make decisions.

◆ Make a list of pros and cons(利与弊). When you try to make a difficult decision, you cantake out a piece of paper, and then list the pros and cons of each choice.   2. 

◆ Ask a friend.  3. While Idon’t think this is always true, I can see how friends can point out certainthings that we may be unaware of. By getting a choice from a third party whoknows us well, we can get good ideas that we didn’t take into considerationbefore.

◆ 4. Some decisions require that we knowmore about the subject we are deciding on. Making a choice without first doingsome research can turn things into a nightmare(噩梦),so don’t hurry. Take your time to search Google or Wikipedia or find a forum(论坛)to ask a couple of questions. Be careful and checkyour sources.

◆ Go to an expert. Seldom are we the mostknowledgeable person on a particular subject. Our friends can sometimes be nobetter.  5. Investing(投资)?Talk to a market analyst. Feeling depressed? Go to see a psychologist. Not surehow to write a book? Discuss tips with other authors.

A.Do yourresearch.

B.Leave ourchoices to chance.

C.We makedecisions in all kinds of ways.

D.These can beimportant questions to ask.

E.This can help provide a bigger picture of what youare working with.

F.In this case it may be better to get advice from anexpert in the field.

G.Some studies have shown that others may know usbetter than ourselves.


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We spent a day in the country, picking wild flowers.With the car full of flowers we were going home. On our way back my wifenoticed a cupboard (柜厨) outside a furniture shop. It was tall andnarrow. “Buy it,” my wife said at once. “We’ll carry it home on the roof rack (车顶行李架). I’ve always wanted one like that.”

  What could Ido? Ten minutes later I was £20 poorer; and thecupboard was tied on the roof rack. It was six feet long and eighteen inchessquare, quite heavy too.

  In thegathering darkness I drove slowly. Other drivers seemed unusually polite thatevening. The police even stopped traffic to let us through. Carrying furniturewas a good idea.

  After a timemy wife said, “There’s a long line of cars behind. Why don’t they overtake, Iwonder?” In fact a police car did overtake. The two officers inside looked atus seriously as they passed. But then, with great kindness, they led us throughthe rush-hour traffic. The police car stopped at our village church. One of theofficers came to me.

 “Right, sir,”he said.“Do you need any more help?”

 I was a bitpuzzled. “Thanks, officer,” I said. “You have been very kind. I live just onthe road.”

  He wasstaring at our car, first at the flowers, then at the cupboard. “Well, well,”he said, laughing. “It’s a cupboard you’ve got there! We thought it wassomething else.”

  My wifebegan to laugh. The truth hit me like a stone between the eyes. I smiled at theofficer. “ Yes, it’s a cupboard, but thanks again.”I drove home as fast as Icould.

1. In fact the husband _______ the cupboard.

A.would likevery much to buy               B.badly wanted

C.would rathernot buy                    D.was glad tohave bought

2.Other drivers thought they were _______.

A.carrying acupboard to the church

B.sendingflowers to the church

C.carryingnothing but a piece of furniture

D.going toattend a funeral(葬礼) at the church

3.The police will be more polite to those who are_______.

A.in greatsadness                        B.driving ingathering darkness

C.driving withwild flowers in the car          D.carryingfurniture

4.What did the husband think of this matter?

A.It was verystrange.                      B.He feltashamed of it.

C.He took greatpride in it.                  D.He waspuzzled at it.


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