In the past my hometown was used to be a beautiful place. Thick trees and green grass could be seen in everywhere. In order to build house and grow more crops, people cut down more and more trees. With time went on, the whole forest was almost destroyed. Gradually the green hills have changed into wasteland. As a result, sandstorms struck us now and then, of which we suffer a lot. However, I do hope all the people should realize the terribly result of not caring about our environment. What's more, they should take good care of the forests and plant trees instead cutting them down to improve our living conditions. 


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Last Friday, after doing all the family shopping in town I wanted a rest before catching the train, so I bought a newspaper and some chocolate and went into the station coffee shop. It was a cheap self-service place with long table to keep a place and went to get a cup of coffee.

When I came back with the coffee, there was someone in the next seat. It was one of those wild-looking boys, with dark glasses and old clothes, and his hair was colored bright red at the front. What did surprise me was that he’d started to eat my chocolate.

I was rather uneasy about him, but I didn’t want to make more trouble. I just looked down at the front page of the newspaper, tasted my coffee and took a bit of chocolate. The boy looked at me closely. Then he took a second piece of chocolate. I could hardly believe it. Still I didn’t say anything to him. When he took a third piece, I felt angrier. I thought, well, I shall have the last piece. “And I got it.”

The boy gave me a strange look, and then stood up. As he left he shouted out, “There is something wrong with the woman,” Everybody looked at me, but it was worse then I finished my coffee and got ready to leave. My face turned red when I knew I’d made a mistake. I wasn’t my chocolate that I had eaten. There was mine, just under my newspaper.

1.In which order did the writer do the following things?

a. Went into a coffee shop. b. Got a cup of coffee,

c. Started to eat some chocolate. d. Did some shopping.

e. Found a seat in the shop. f. Bought some chocolate.

A. a, e, f, b, c, dB. a, d, f, b, e, cC. d, f, a, e, b, cD. d, a, f, c, b, e

2.The writer went into the station coffee shop to______.

A. buy a newspaperB. meet a boy with dark glasses

C. put her heavy bagD. take a short rest

3.When the writer came back to the table, she was surprised because______.

A. her chocolate had been eaten up

B. the boy was eating her chocolate

C. there was a boy sitting next to her

D. what the boy did seemed quite rude

4.How do you think the writer felt at last?

A. She felt disappointedB. She felt ashamed

C. She became angrier. D. She thought it very funny.


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If you planning to study in the United States, you need to consider several factors (因素). Everyone has different opinions about where is the best place to live in. Also, the best places to live in are not always home to the best schools. What’s more, many schools specialize in different areas of study. They Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, is a great school for computer science. And if you want to study oceanography, your interests may be better served by attending school in a place which is near the ocean.

Now I will tell you about which states I believe are the best to live in. California is a nice state. Northern California especially has very good weather. As for me, I enjoyed the time I spent in Massachusetts, Virginia and Mary land. These states have a lot of history and culture. The weather is not so perfect as that in California, but is still quite nice. My favourite of America is the Midwest. Middle America, I think, is home to the true American sense of values. Besides, there are many good universities, too.

Also you need to think about your likes and dislikes and then research the different areas. You like sunshine and hate snow? Then you probably won’t like the Midwest or even the Northeast. Open space, nature, peace and quiet? Then you’d better stay away from America’s larger cities. Are you interested in government? Then Washington D.C. is the only place for you. Whatever you decide, put some thought into it.

1.From the first paragraph we can infer that in the USA{@answer}

A. all colleges and universities lie in big cities

B. all colleges and universities lie in beautiful places

C. famous colleges and universities lie in nice places

D. famous colleges and universities may not lie in nice places

2.____{@answer}should be considered first if you want to study in the USA.

A. The climate

B. The scenery

C. The study condition    

D. The living condition

3.The writer likes Middle America best because {@answer}

A. he feels the real character of the nation here

B. the weather is fine here

C. the life is full of excitement

D. he likes sunshine and hates snow

4.The passage mainly {@answer}

A. tells us something about American universities

B. gives us some advice on studying in America

C. lets us know about America

D. describes the scenery of America


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Ireland has had a very difficult history. The problems started in the 16th century when English rulers fried to conquer (征服) Ireland. For hundreds of years, the Irish people fought against the English. Finally, in 1921, the British government was forced to give independence to the south of Ireland. The result is that today there are two “Irelands”. Northern Ireland, in the north, is part of the United Kingdom. The republic of Ireland, in the south, is an independent country.

In the 1840s ,the main crop, potatoes was affected by disease and about 750, 000 people died of hunger. This, and a shortage (短缺) of work, forced many people to leave Ireland and live in the USA, the UK, Australia and Canada. As a result of these problems, the population fell from 8.2 million in 1841 to 6.6 million in 1851.

For many years, the majority of Irish people earned their living as farmers. Today, many people still work on the land but more and more people are moving to the cities to work in factories and offices. Life in the cities is very different from life in the countryside, where things move at a quieter and slower pace.

The Irish are famous for being warm-hearted and friendly, Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish writer, once said that the Irish were “the greatest talkers since the Greeks”. Since independence, Ireland has revived (复兴) its own culture of music, language, literature and singing. Different areas have different styles of old Irish songs which are sung without instruments. Other kinds of Irish music use many different instruments such as the violin, whistles, etc.

1.What does the author tell us in Paragraph 1?

A. How the Irish fought against the English.

B. How Ireland gained independence.

C. How two “Irelands” came into being.

D. How English rulers tried to conquer Ireland.

2.The last paragraph is mainly about____.

A. the Irish character                B. Irish culture

C. Irish musical instruments          D. a famous Irish writer

3.We learn from the text that in Ireland _____.

A. different kinds of old Irish songs are all sung with instruments

B. people are moving to the cities for lack of work in the countryside

C. it is harder to make a living as a farmer than as a factory worker

D. food shortages in the 1840s led to a decline in population

4.What can be the best title for the text?

A. Life in Ireland            B. Ireland, Past and Present

C. A Very Difficult History    D. The Independence of Ireland 


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Little Brother

By Cory Doctorow, 382 pages, $19.95

In the very near future, Marcus Yallow is walking with his friends in San Francisco when a 9/11-sized terrorist attack occurs blocks away. Everyone around is secretly taken away by the Department of Homeland Security to see whether they're terrorists. However, during the investigation, one of his friends dies mysteriously. The friends try to find out the truth. If you read only one science-fiction novel this year, make it this one.

The Flying Troutmans

By Miriam Toews, 274 pages, $32

The heart of the book is a road journey in Canada made by HattieThebes and Logan to find Cherkis, the kids' dad. It's rich in dialogue, sometimes funny, sometimes surprisingly sad, always character-true. Toews is an extraordinarily gifted writer, with tough-minded compassion (同情) for her characters.

Reading By Lightning

By Joan Thomas, 388 pages, $22.95

We're in 1930s Canada, where Lily's father arrived three decades earlier to be promised fertile agricultural land. But they had been cheated and thrown in the middle of Manitoba. Now William Piper and his wife farm their land and place little hope in this life.

What They Wanted

By Donna Morrissey, 325 pages, $32

A father has a heart attack; a brother and a sister leave Newfoundland and go to Alberta, Canada to worka tragedy brings reconciliation (和解), but also terrible loss. Primarily a novel of character, it's also a novel of Canada, of two very specific and vividly drawn places. Donna Morrissey's characters are troubled, sensitive, quick to be moved to anger or pain, and just as quick to laughter and affection.

1.If Jim only has 20 dollars, which book could he buy?

A. The Flying Troutmans.            B. What They Wanted.

C. Little Brother.                       D. Reading By Lightning.

2.According to the text, we know that The Flying Troutmans is      .

A. full of dialogue        B. a sad story        C. about tourism         D. a real story

3.In Reading By Lightning, why did William Piper arrive in Canada?

A. To carry out his promise.             B. To work in a big city.

C. To get work experience.              D. To seek his fortune.


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注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

John, a little boy living next door to me, liked fast food very much. His parents was so busy that they had a little time to cook for him at home. So they often took him eat fast food. That's because John became overweight. My mother had always told his parents that too much fast food was harmful, and they ignored my mother's advices. Recently, the doctor warned him never to eat fast food any more after the poor boy has a physical examination. Her parents came to realize what a terribly mistake they had made. Now John's mother often comes to ask my mother for advice in how to make healthy food.


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When something goes wrong, it can be very satisfying to say, “Well, it’s so-and-so’s fault.” or “I know I’m latebut it’s not my fault; the car broke down.” It is probably not your fault, but once you form the habit of blaming somebody or something else for a bad situation, you are a loser. You have no power and could do nothing that helps change the situation. However, you can have great power over what happens to you if you stop focusing on whom to blame and start focusing on how to {@answer} the situation. This is the winner’s key to success.

Winners are great at overcoming problems. For example, if you were late because your car broke down, maybe you need to have your car examined more regularly. Or, you might start to carry along with you the useful phone numbers, so you could call for help when in need. For another example, if your colleague causes you problems on the job for lack of responsibility or ability, find ways of dealing with his irresponsibility or inability rather than simply blame the person. Ask to work with a different person, or don’t rely on this person. You should accept that the person is not reliable and find creative ways to work successfully regardless of how your colleague fails to do his job well.

This is what being a winner is all about—creatively using your skills and talents so that you are successful no matter what happens. Winners don’t have fewer problems in their lives; they have just as many difficult situations to face as anybody else. They are just better at seeing those problems as challenges and opportunities to develop their own talents. So, stop focusing on “whose fault it is.” Once you are confident about your power over bad situations, problems are just stepping stones for success.

1.According to the passage, winners {@answer}.

A. blame themselves rather than others

B. meet with fewer difficulties in their lives

C. have responsible and able colleagues     

D. deal with problems rather than blame others

2.The underlined word{@answer}{@answer} in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ______.

A. improve  B. accept  C. avoid D. consider

3.When problems occur, winners take them as ______.

A. excuses for their failures  B. chances for self-development

C. challenges to their colleagues    D. barriers to greater power

4.Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A. A Winner’s Opportunity.B. A Winner’s Problem.

C. A Winner’s Secret.D. A Winner’s Achievement.


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You’ve just come home, after living abroad for a few years. Since you’ve been away, has this country changed for the better or for the worse?

    If you’ve just arrived back in the UK after a fortnight’s holiday, small changes have probably surprised you—anything from a local greengrocer suddenly being replaced by a mobile-phone shop to someone in your street moving house.

So how have things changed to people coming back to Britain after seven, ten or even 15 years living abroad? What changes in society can they see that the rest of us have hardly noticed—or now take for granted? To find out, we asked some people who recently returned.

Debi: When we left, Cheltenham, my home town, was a town of white, middle-class families—all very conservative (保守的).The town is now home to many eastern Europeans and lots of Australians, who come here mainly to work in hotels and tourism. There are even several shops only for foreigners.

    Having been an immigrant (移民) myself, I admire people who go overseas to find a job. Maybe if I lived in an inner city where unemployment was high, I’d think differently, but I believe foreign settlers have improved this country because they’re more open-minded and often work harder than the natives.

    Christine: As we flew home over Britain, both of us remarked how green everything looked. But the differences between the place we’d left behind and the one we returned to were brought sharply into focus as soon as we landed.

To see policemen with guns in the airport for the first time was frightening — in Cyprus, they’re very relaxed — and I got pulled over by customs officers just for taking a woolen sweater with some metal-made buttons out of my case in the arrivals hall. Everyone seemed to be on guard. Even the airport car-hire firm wanted a credit card rather than cash because they said their vehicles had been used by bank robbers. But anyway, this is still a green, beautiful country. I just wish more people would appreciate what they’ve got.

1.After a short overseas holiday, people tend to ______ .         

A. expect small changesB. notice small changes

C. welcome small changesD. exaggerate (夸大) small changes

2.How does Debi look at the foreign settlers?

A. Cautiously.B. Skeptically.C. Positively.D. Critically.

3.When arriving at the airport in Britain, Christine was shocked by ______ .          

A. the tight securityB. the messy arrivals hall

C. the relaxed policemenD. the bank robbers

4.Which might be the best title for the passage?

A. Life in Britain.B. Britain in Memory.

C. Britain in Future.D. Back in Britain.


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The Basics of Math—Made Clear

Basic Math introduces students to the basic concepts of mathematics, as well as the fundamentals of more tricky areas. These 30 fantastic lectures are designed to provide students with an understanding of arithmetic(算数) and to prepare them for Algebra (代数) and beyond.

The lessons in Basic Math cover every basic aspect of arithmetic. They also look into exponents (指数), the order of operations, and square roots. In addition to learning how to perform various mathematical operations, students discover why these operations work, how a particular mathematical topic relates to other branches of mathematics, and how these operations can be used practically.

Basic Math starts from the relatively easier concepts and gradually moves on to the more troublesome ones, so as to allow for steady and sure understanding of the material by students. The lectures offer students the chance to “make sense” of mathematical knowledge that may have seemed so frightening. They also help students prepare for college mathematics and overcome their anxiety about this amazing — and completely understandable — field of study.

By the conclusion of the course, students will have improved their understanding of basic math. They will be able to clear away the mystery (神秘性) of mathematics and face their studies with more confidence than they ever imagined. In addition, they will strengthen their ability to accept new and exciting mathematical challenges.

Professor H. Siegel, honored by Kentucky Educational Television as “the best math teacher in America,” is a devoted teacher and has a gift for explaining mathematical concepts in ways that make them seem clear and obvious. From the basic concrete ideas to the more abstract problems, he is a master in making math lectures learner-friendlier and less scary.

With a PhD in Mathematics Education from Georgia State University, Dr. Siegel teaches mathematics at Central Arizona College. His courses include various make-up classes and a number of lectures for future primary school teachers.

If the course fails to provide complete satisfaction to you, you can easily exchange it for any other course that we offer. Or you can get your money back.

1.What does the course Basic Math mainly cover?

A. Arithmetic.                 B. College Mathematics.

C. Algebra.                  D. Mathematics Education.

2.What benefits can students expect from Basic Math?

A. Stronger imaginative ability.

B. Additional presentation skills.

C. Greater chances of becoming teachers.

D. More mathematical confidence.

3.What can we learn about Professor H. Siegel?

A. He is a guest lecturer at Kentucky Educational Television.

B. He works in Georgia State University.

C. He is to deliver 30 lectures in Basic Math.

D. He specializes in training teachers.

4.Where is the passage most likely to have been taken from?

A. A news report.               B. An advertisement

C. A lesson plan.               D. A book review


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Gene technology to benefit people

Among all the fast growing science and technology, the research of human genes, or biological engineering as people call it, is drawing more and more attention now. Sometimes it is a hot topic talked about by people.

The greatest thing that gene technology can do is to cure serious diseases that doctors at present can almost do nothing with, such as cancer and heart disease. Every year, millions of people are murdered by these two killers. And to date, doctors have not found an effective way to cure them. But if the gene technology is applied, not only can these two diseases be cured completely, bringing happiness and more living days to the patients, but also the great amount of money people spend on curing their diseases can be saved, therefore it benefits the economy as well. In addition, human life can be longer.

Gene technology can help people to give birth to more healthy and clever children. Some families, with the English imperial family being a good example, have hereditary (遗传的) diseases. This means their children will for sure have the family disease, which is a great trouble for these families. In the past, doctors could do nothing with hereditary diseases. But gene technology can solve this problem perfectly. The scientists just need to find the wrong gene and correct it, and a healthy child will be born.

Some people are worrying that the gene research can be used to make human beings in large quantities. In the past few years, scientists have succeeded in cloning babies will not come out in large quantities, for most couples in the world can have babies in very normal way. Of course, the governments must take care to control gene technology.

1.What does “these two killers” in the second paragraph refer to?

A. Gene technology and another treatment of the two diseases.

B. The two murderers who killed the cloned baby.

C. Hereditary disease and cancer.

D. Cancer and heart disease.

2.In what way can gene technology help to treat hereditary diseases?

A. Using gene technology, a scientist finds the wrong gene and corrects it.

B. Using gene technology, people with hereditary diseases can live longer.

C. Using gene technology, human babies can also be cloned.

D. Doctors can cure cancer and heart disease with the help of gene technology.

3.What is the main purpose of writing the text?

A. Explaining that gene technology will also do great harm to human race.             

B. Telling the readers the positive effects gene technology has on people’s life.

C. Expressing the writer’s idea that gene technology will benefit people.        

D. Informing people that gene technology helps clone babies in large quantities.


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Music died here last spring, or rather, it was killedby members of the school committee who ignored the importance of music anddrama as part of the high-school curriculum.

The committee decided that teaching students how totake a standardized test is more important than a curriculum in which studentscan explore their interests in the arts as well as academics. Because theschool system is running out of funding, it needs to make sure that studentspass the mastery test or even more money will be lost. If students fail thestate standardized test,it is not the fault of drama and musicclasses—they are failing because the “academic” classes are not sufficient.

It is painful to think of how many students will bediscouraged from singing, acting, and playing instruments because schoolprograms are no longer offered. Many families cannot afford private musiclessons,and many potential musicians and artistsmay not find their calling if they are not exposed to it in school. The factthat the school committee thinks the arts are not worth the investment willcertainly make some students believe the arts are not worth their time orsupport and the cycle will continue.

Teaching for a test does not shape students intocomplete,well-rounded people. It blocks the naturalsense to create and express feelings through art—there is more to life than theanalytical thinking that math and English provide. What happens after a test?Sure, a student might graduate, but they will have limited knowledge—certainlynot a good preparation for the real world.

1.Music and drama are not included in the high-schoolcurriculum mainly because ________.

A.the school committee paysno attention to them

B.the school is afraid oflosing financial support

C.the students are notinterested in both of them

D.the state standardizedtest is more important

2.Which of the following is TRUE according to thepassage?

A.The sufficiency of theclasses determines students' performance in the mastery test.

B.Quite a few students arediscouraged from learning music and art in today's school system.

C.Students can be musiciansand artists only if they can afford private music lessons.

D.The school committeecompletely influences students' attitude towards the arts.

3.We can learn that music and art can ________.

A.motivate students increativity and expression

B.make studentsround-shaped people in future

C.provide students withanalytical thinking

D.prevent students graduationfrom high school

4.The best title of the passage can be ________.

A.“Who killed music anddrama?”

B.“Can curriculum gowithout music?”

C.“Why is music soimportant?”

D.“How to prepare for thereal world?”


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Many people in the world live in big cities, which areoften dirty and difficult places to live. So, some cities will get bigger. Theywill also get higher, and lower, because people will begin to live under theground as well as in tall buildings. Scientists also say that men can begin tolive in cities under the sea, when there is not enough space on the land. Ofcourse, these new cities will be very expensive, and difficult to build, butthey are not impossible. Already, some countries are building places to liveunder the ground so their people can go there if there is a new war. There areunderground cities in Switzerland(瑞士)and China,built by the government(政府)to help some of the people live during agreat war. 

But will people change if they live under the groundfor a long time?For example some fish go blind if they livein the dark sea for a long time. People will not go blind, because there willbe light underground, but they may change in some way. Scientists say thatpeople who live in cities today are losing their senses of smell, touch andtaste. They can’t smell the dirty air, they can’t taste the chemicals(化学制剂)in their food. These senses are not as strong asbefore, when people lived in the country and grew their own food. The city haschanged that. What will the underground city change in everyone?

1.People will live under the ground because _________. 

A.it’s neither hot nor coldthere        

B.they’ll be afraid of thewar

C.there’ll be less space onthe ground   

D.they’ll make their lifecomfortable

2.Some countries try to build some places under theground so that people will be able to live there _____.

A.when summercomes                

B.when a war breaks out

C.because they think it’llbe safer for them 

D.when they’re fed up withthe life on the land

3._________, so people who will live there won’t goblind. 

A.There’ll be enough lightunder the ground

B.It’ll be easy to goupstairs

C.Glasses will be soldunder the ground

D.Medicine will be suppliedfor free

4.People will lose some senses under the groundbecause _______.

A.the world are polluted

B.it’s dark there

C.the air is dirty andthere are a lot of chemicals in their food

D.they can’t grow their ownfood in the sun


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British researchers have found that children’s IQpredicts their probability of becoming vegetarians (素食者) as young adults.

Recent studies suggest that vegetarianism may beassociated with lower cholesterol (胆固醇), reducedrisk of overweight and heart disease.

“We know from other studies that brighter childrentend to behave in a healthier fashion as adults—they’re less likely to smoke,less likely to be overweight,less likely to have highblood pressure and more likely to take exercise.” lead author Catharine Galesaid, “This study provides further evidence that people  with a high IQtend to have a healthier lifestyle.”

In the study, Gale’s team collected data on nearly8,200 men and women aged 30, whose IQ had been tested when they were 10 yearsof age.

“Children who scored higher on IQ tests at age 10 weremore likely than those who got lower scores to report that they were vegetarianat the age of 30.”Gale said. 

The researchers found that 4.5 percent of participantswere vegetarians. Of these, 2.5 percent were vegan, and 33.6 percentsaid they were vegetarian but also ate fish or chicken.

There was no difference in IQ score between strictvegetarians and those who said they were vegetarian but also ate fish orchicken,the researchers added.

One expert said the findings weren’t the whole answer,however.

“We don’t know the beliefs or attitudes of the parentsof the children,nor do we know if there was a particularevent that led these children to becoming vegetarian in their teens oradulthood.” said Lona Sandon, and assistant professor at the University ofTexas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

1.From the article,we know that________.

A.brighter children arelikely to become vegetarians when they are ten. 

B.people with a higher IQwill not be overweight

C.brighter children arelikely to have a healthier lifestyle

D.overweight may cause highblood pressure

2.What does the underlined word “vegan” in the sixthparagraph mean?

A.Someone who only eatsvegetables.

B.Someone who chooses notto eat meat or fish. 

C.Someone who likes eatingmeat and fish.

D.Someone who likes eatingvegetables.

3.This study left some unanswered questions EXCEPT“________”.

A.Did the vegetarianchildren grow up in a family with a vegetarian parent?

B.Did the children eat aprimarily vegetarian diet at the age of 10?

C.Were meatless meals regularlyserved in the participants’ families?

D.Did the vegetarianchildren really have a high IQ?

4.The main idea of the passage is that ________.

A.the low IQ children willbe unhealthier when they grow up

B.being vegetarians canreduce the risk of overweight and heart disease

C.IQ is important tovegetarians

D.high IQ children are morelikely to become vegetarian when they grow up


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That year, in the local school, there was a new mathteacher, as well as some new pupils. One of the new kids was the stupidestchild that anyone had ever seen. It made no difference how quickly or howslowly they tried explaining numbers to him; he would always end up sayingsomething enormously stupid. Like two plus two was five, seven times three wastwenty-seven, or a triangle had thirty corners...

Before this boy arrived, math lessons had been themost boring of all. Now they were great fun. Encouraged by the new teacher, thechildren would listen to the pieces of nonsense spouted by the new kid, andthey would have to correct his mistakes.

Whenever the new teacher asked questions, the stupidkid would stand up but made the wrong answers, the other students all wanted tobe the first to find his mistakes, and then think up the most original ways toexplain them. To do this they used all kinds of stuff: sweets, playing cards,oranges, paper planes, etc. It didn't seem like any of this bothered thenew kid.

However,little Lewiswas sure that it was bound to make him feel sad inside. Lewis was sure he wouldsee him crying. So,one day, he decided to follow the new kidhome after school. On leaving school, the new kid walked a few minutes to alocal park, and there he waited for a while, until someone came along to meethim...

It was the new teacher!

The teacher gave the new kid a hug, and off they went,hand in hand. Following from a distance, Lewis could hear they were talkingabout math.

1.The math lessons became interesting because of thenew teacher's ______.

A.creativity  B.imagination  C.responsibility D.curiosity

2.The passage implies that the stupidest child ______.

A.was in great need of themath teacher's help after class

B.was by no means slow inmath

C.had no gift for math andwas slow to learn it

D.disliked both the newmath teacher and his lessons

3.According to the passage, Lewis followed the stupidkid in order to ______.

A.learn about where helived       B.find out ifhe felt upset

C.say something to comforthim    D.make friends with him

4.What does the underlined word “this” in the third paragraphrefer to?

A.To find the new kid'smistakes.

B.To think up the mostoriginal ways to explain.

C.To use all kinds ofstuff.       

D.To follow him home afterschool.


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Six Chinese surveillance ships have entered watersnear islands claimed by both China and Japan.

China said the ships were carrying out "lawenforcement" to demonstrate its jurisdiction(管辖权) over the islands, known as Diaoyu in China andSenkaku in Japan.

At least two of the vessels left after the Japanesecoast guard issued a warning, Japanese officials say.

The move came after Japan sealed a deal to buy threeof the islands from their private Japanese owner. Japan controls theuninhabited but resource-rich East China Sea islands, which are also claimed byTaiwan.

The Japanese Coast Guard said the first two Chineseboats entered Japan's territorial waters at 06:18 local time (21:18 GMTThursday), followed by another fleet of four other ships just after 07:00. Thefirst two ships then left the area. A third ship left later on Friday morning,one report said. No force was used, Japanese officials added. "Our patrolvessels are currently telling them to leave our country's territorialwaters," the coastguard said in a statement.

The Chinese foreign ministry confirmed that its shipswere there. “These law enforcement and patrol activities are aimed todemonstrate China's jurisdiction over the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated(附属的) islets and ensure the country's maritime(海事的) interests,” a statement said.

The US has called for ''cooler heads to prevail'' astension intensifies between China and Japan over the islands, which lie southof Okinawa and north of Taiwan. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is due tovisit both Japan and China from this weekend as part of a tour of the regionthat also includes New Zealand.

The dispute has seriously marred diplomatic relationsbetween China and Japan and threatens to damage the strong tradingrelationship, says the BBC's John Sudworth in Beijing. The row(争端) has also generated strong nationalist sentiment onboth sides that observers say now makes it very difficult to be seen to bebacking down, says our correspondent.

The Japanese government says it is buying the islandsto promote their stable and peaceful management. Its move followed a bid byright-wing Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara to buy the islands using publicdonations - an action that would likely have further provoked(触怒) China.

China, on the other hand, says the islands havehistorically been its territory and fishing grounds.

Meanwhile Japan's newly-appointed ambassador to China,Shinichi Nishimiya, remains in hospital in Tokyo after he was found unconsciousnear his home in Tokyo on Thursday. No details have been given on hiscondition. He was appointed on Tuesday to replace Uichiro Niwa, who has beencriticized for his handling of one of the worse diplomatic rows between Japanand China in recent years.

1.The Diaoyu Islands are actually inhabited by           .

A. Japan             B.China              C.America                  D.Nobody

2.Which of the following is true?

A. Japan fired at the 6 Chinese ships to warn them toleave the waters.

B. China admitted that the 6 ships had been forced toleave the waters.

C. The US called on both sides to calm down.

D. Shinichi Nishimiya was unconscious in the hospitalbecause somebody attacked him.

3.Why was Uichiro Niwa replaced?

A. He is not iron enough in handling the diplomaticrows between Japan and China.

B. His health condition is not good enough to workthere.

C. He didn’t do a good job in dealing with the disputeabout the Diaoyu Islands.

D. He criticized the Chinese government publicly in animproper way.

4.This news report is most likely to be selected fromthe          newspaper.

A. British            B.Chinese                   C.Japanese                 D.American


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When you practice reading with passages shorter thanbook length, do not try to take in each word separately, one after the other.It is much more difficult to grasp the broad theme of the passage this way, andyou will also get the stuck on individual words which may not be absolutelyessential to a general understanding of the passage. It is a good idea to skimthrough the passage very quickly first to get the general idea of eachparagraph. Titles, paragraph headings and emphasized words can be a great helpin getting this skeleton outline of the passage. It is surprising how manypeople do not read titles, introductions or paragraph headings. Can you,without looking back, remember the title of this passage and the heading ofthis paragraph?

    Most paragraphs of a passage orchapter have a 'topic sentence' which expresses the central idea. The remainingsentences expand or support that idea. It has been estimated that between 50%and 90% of all expositive(说明的)paragraphs in English have the topicsentence first. Always pay special attention to the first sentence of aparagraph, it is most likely to give you the main idea.

    Sometimes, though, the firstsentence in the paragraph does not have the feel of 'main idea' sentence. Itdoes not seem to give us enough new information to justify a paragraph. Thenext most likely place to look for the topic sentence is the last sentence ofthe paragraph.

    Remember that the opening andclosing paragraphs of a passage or chapter are particularly important. Theopening paragraph suggests the general direction and content of the piece,while the closing paragraph often summarizes the very essence(精髓).

1. Itis a good idea to skim through a passage quickly first ____________.

A. at about 315 w.p.m.(wordsper minute)

B. to get the general idea of each paragraph

C. so that you can take in each work separately

D. to make sure you get to the end at least once

2.Thetopic sentence of an expository paragraph in English _____________.

A. usually comes in the middle

B. is most likely to be found at the end

C. is most often at the beginning

D. is usually left out in expository writing

3.Most expository paragraphs in English have a clearly defined topic sentence. Insuch paragraphs the topic sentence comes first _____________.

A. in about 5% ofcases                      B in about 80% of cases

C. in about 20% cases                         D.very rarely

4.Sometimeswe know the first sentence is not the topic sentence because ____________.

A. it does not seem to give us enough new information

B. it is not long enough

C. it does not come at the beginning

D. it does not make a complete sentence

5.Theclosing paragraph of a piece of writing ____________.

A. is not really very important

B. is often unnecessary repetition

C. often comes at the end

D. often summarizes the essence of the passage


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John von Neumann was the oldest of 3 children of anbanker, and his speed of learning new ideas and solving problems stood outearly. At 17, his father tired to persuade him not to become a mathematician becausehe may lead a poor life being a mathematician, and so von Neumann agreed tostudy chemistry as well. In 1926, at 23, he received a degree in chemicalengineering and a Ph.D. in mathematics. From then on, mathematics provided wellenough for him, and he never had to turn to chemistry.

In 1930, von Neumann visited Princeton University fora year and then became a professor there. His first book was published in 1932.In 1933, the Institute for Advanced Study was formed, and he became one of the6 full-time people in the School of Mathematics(Einsteinwas one of the others)

World War Ⅱ hugelychanged von Neumann's areas of interest. Until 1940 he had been a great pure mathematician.During and after the war, he became one of the best mathematicians who putmathematics theories into practice. During the last part of the war he becameinterested in computing machines and made several fundamental contributionsAfter the war, von Neumann continued his work with computers, and was generallyvery active in government service. He received many awards, was president ofthe American Mathematical Society and was a member of the Atomic EnergyCommission. He died in 1957 of cancer.

    Von Neumann made several greatcontributions and any one of them would have been enough to earn him a firmplace in history. He will be remembered as one of the greatest minds of the20th century.

    Von Neumann really was a legend inhis own time, and there are a number of stories about him. His driving abilityis a part of his legend. He reported one accident this Way: "I was drivingdown the road. The trees on the right were passing me in an orderly fashion at60 miles per hour. Suddenly one of them stepped in my path."

1.Accordingto the text, von Neumann's father believed that _____________.

A. a mathematician couldn't earn a lot of money

B. a mathematician needed a good memory

C. von Neumann had the ability to learn two subjectsat the same time

D. von Neumann had the gift for solving problems at ahigh speed.

2.vonNeumann published his first book at the age of _________________

A.23                 B. 26            C.29                      D. 32

3.Howdid World War Ⅱ affect John von Neumann?

A. He realized the importance of engineering

B. He began to research how to put mathematics intopractice.

C. He left college and served at the governmentdepartment.

D. He lost interest in chemistry.

4.Whichof the following is true of Von Neumann?

A. He had three children

B. He died from an accident.

C. He received many rewards in his life

D. He and Einstein were classmates in PrincetonUniversity.

5.Fromthe last paragraph, we can infer John von Neumann was _____________.

A.calm         B.brave       C. intelligent    D. humorous


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Human beings are the most intelligent of all animalsbecause we are gifted with the ability to think and reason logically.Scientists and even common people with special intelligence have made a lot of inventionsand contributions to modern lifestyle in the past. "Houses" have beenthe most popular area for discoveries and inventions in the past and even now.

    Many household items have been theresult of inventions of people who desired better functioning of the existentproducts. Every individual has intelligence and if it is used properly for theright purpose it leads to invention of a new tool or device. Many new householdinventions are made almost every day and there are specific companies, whichparticularly keep a record of all these inventions.

    A lot of inventions have been maderecently in the household field. These products are patented(专利的)and have trade mark licenses(许可). The patented sliding cinch is a very simple buteffective method to prevent shoulder stress and injury for those who workbefore computers all day long. Vanity PC is a type of computer furniture thatspecifically hides all the computer wires and keeps a clean and good look. All theoutdoor dust, mud and snow can be kept out of the house by installing(安装)the dirt drain(排水管)at theentrance of the door. Another important invention is the automatic toiletnight-light, in which a small light starts when the lid of the toilet seat isopened and closes as soon as the lid(盖子)is closed.

    These are some of the new householdinventions invented mostly by common people. Thus, a variety of new householditems are invented every day, which helps in a better functioning of householdchores(家务)and in a more useful manner.

1.Thefirst paragraph is intended to _____________.

A. stress the importance of inventions

B. introduce the topic of the article

C. show the advantages of modern lifestyle

D. tell the differences between human beings andanimals

2.According to the passage, people make house inventions to _____________.

A. earn more money and gain awards

B. accumulate their wealth

C. improve the present living conditions

D. meet the new demands of new science

3. Itcan be inferred that the sliding cinch is used to ___________.

A. prevent your shoulder from being over-pressured

B. keep your shoulder safe and sound when you are inan accident or an operation

C. help you practice your shoulder more often andreduce shoulder pains

D. cover your shoulder and make it stronger to resistthe outside strike

4.Commonpeople can also make good inventions because ___________.

A. wisdom and inspiration sometimes come from everydaylife

B. some inventions are easy to be made and can bemastered by them

C. common people have a strong desire to do somethingfor science research

D. success is often connected with hardship and bitterexperience of common people

5.Thepassage mainly talks about _______________.

A. the correct use of household facilities

B. different ideas about household inventions

C. the history of household inventions

D. household inventions and their influence


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As demand for power and fuel grows steadily in thecoming decades, we must consider every possible energy source(来源)on hand if we're to meet the world's needs. Andbecause clean natural gas is found in great plenty, there is little doubt thatit will play a major role on the world energy stage in this century, much likeoil did in the last. But, like oil, gas reserves are concentrated in just a fewplaces in the world, usually far from where they're needed most. And that'sonly part of the challenge. The world has had well over 100 years to search foroil and to build the necessary facilities(设施)to bringit to market; the natural gas facilities, particularly when it comes toliquefied(液化)natural gas(LNG), are not nearly as developed.

    So what needs to be done? On thesupply side, producing nations need policies that allow for better developmentof their natural gas in an open, stable business environment, not one inwhich the rules of the game change without warning. The governments ofconsuming nations, on the other hand, must make policies for sustainable(可持续的)development to ensure they'll have enough supplies inthe future. That means building the related facilities, including LNG stations.This, in turn, will require coastal areas to allow these necessary, but notnecessarily pretty, facilities to be built in their backyards. And energy companieshave a responsibility to be good neighbors in those areas by operating thesefacilities responsibly and safely. They must also continue to put in thebillions of dollars needed to build the complex transport and storagefacilities required to bring more gas to market.

    Expanding and diversifying(使多样化)energy sources by using more natural gas could lead tolower fuel prices and to greater energy security. We've taken some of the stepsto get started, but we need your help to get the rest of the way.

1.Whichof the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Gas played a major part in the 20th century.

B. Natural gas facilities are far from satisfactory.

C. Gas reserves are widely spread around the world.

D. Necessary facilities are ready to bring gas tomarket.

2.The underlined word "one"(in Paragraph2)refers to _____________.

A. a gas supplyside                         B. a business environment

C. a gas consumingnation                             D. a policyfor gas development

3.Consumingnations of natural gas need to ___________.

A. change the rules of the game

B. open markets in their backyards

C. build pretty facilities along the coast

D. have long-term policies for gas supply

4.The main purpose of the passage is to _______.

A. warn people of the lack of power and fuel

B. discuss the importance of oil and natural gas

C. call for better use and development of natural gas

D. instruct people how to make use of energy sources

5.The passage might be followed by a paragraph about

A. what kind of help you can offer

B. where energy sources are concentrated

C. which countries are in great need of gas

D. what problems of energy sources we may face


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Dear Mr. Watson,


     I received a cheque for $623 dated 26 January in paymentof my recent claim(索赔). However, I wish to tell you how upset I have been bythe way your Claims Assessor, Mr. Michael Tan, handled this claim.

    When Mr. Tan first called me, hespecifically told me that he believed I had been overcharged, and he wouldexpect to pay that price for work on a double garage, rather than a singlegarage like mine. Mr. Tan suggested that I neither use nor recommend thiscontractor again. He continued to tell me it was unlikely for me to receivefull payment. Never during this conversation did he mention that the reason fornot receiving full payment was because of the nature of my insurance policy.

    Consequently, I wrote to Mr. LanceAshe to complain about his pricing, stating that I was very upset thinking thathe could have taken advantage by overcharging a 73-year-old woman. Mr. Ashetelephoned me immediately and explained his charges in detail. He laterreported back to me that Mr. Tan explained that I would not receive fullpayment because of the type of policy I hold, which does not cover wear andtear. This was the first time this issue had been brought to my attention, soyou can imagine my surprise.

   When I received Mr. Tan’s letter of 2February, this situation was explained. If this had been explained in the firstplace I would have accepted it and would not have questioned Mr. Ashe’scharges. Instead, by telling me initially that I had been overcharged for thiswork, he caused a great deal of upset, not only for me but also for Mr. Ashe.

    I believed this claim was handledbadly by Mr. Tan from the beginning. Therefore, a great deal of embarrassmenthas been caused over this issue.

I felt you should know how disappointed and upset Iam. I trust you will look into this and ensure that such claims are handledmore appropriately in the future.

                                              Yours sincerely,

                                                   Mrs. Richard

1.The author writes this letter to ______.

A. inform the manager of a payment

B. complain about a mishandled case

C. demand an apology from Mr. Watson

D. require the manager to fire Mr. Tan 

2.The underlined words “the contractor” in Para.2refer to ______.

A. Mr. Tan       B. Mrs.Richard      C. Mr. Ashe    D. Mr.Watson

3.The author could not receive full payment because_______.

A. her policy doesn’t cover some of theitems        

B. the contractor overcharged her for the work

C. Mr. Watson doesn’t take the matter seriously     

D. she spent too much money fixing her garage

4.We can learn from the passage that Mr. Tan works ina/an _______.

A. welfareorganization         B. nursinghouse  

C. local affairsoffice           D. insurancecompany


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