He wants to have ________ third cake,because ________ second one is too small.

A.the;the  B.the;a   C.a;the  D.a;a


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The reporters of all the leading newspapers ________ the trade talks between China and the United States.

A.printed  B.published  C.covered  D.interviewed


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—Serina has been watching the TV series the whole night.

— ________.

A.So her parents have  B.So have been her parents

C.Her parents have been so  D.So have her parents


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Equipped with modern facilities,today's hospitals are quite different from __________ of the past.

A.that  B.those  C.one  D.ones


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We may find that learning a foreign language does not have to be________learning our mother tongue,but can in fact be twice ________.

A.twice as hard as;as easy as

B.as twice hard as;as easy

C.twice as hard as;as easy

D.as twice hard;as easy as


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Like some of my classmates,I cannot live up to my teachers' expectations;________,I let them down.

A.in other words  B.after all

C.what's more  D.more or less


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Rather than ________ on a crowded bus,he always prefers ________ a bicycle.

A.ride;ride  B.riding;ride

C.ride;to ride  D.to ride;riding


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Mr. Black________ Shanghai in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane ________on Sunday?

A.leaves for;takes off

B.is leaving for;takes off  

C.is leaving for;is taking off

D.leaves for;is taking off


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—Would you mind my coming over and having a look at your new garden? My little son's curious about those roses you grow.

—________.You're welcome.

A.Yes,I do  B.Never mind 

C.Yes,please  D. Not at all


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The growing speed of a plant is influenced by a number of factors,________ are beyond our control.

A.most of them  B.most of which

C.most of what  D.most of that


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She ________ into the thick forest alone on such a dark night.

A.dares not go  B.dares not to go

C.dare not to go  D.doesn't dare to go


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I would appreciate________ if you could offer some help when I am in trouble.

A.this  B.it  C.you  D.that


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Martin was highly________ by Tom's ________ jokes.

A.amusing;amazed  B.amused;amusing

C.amazing;amused D.amused;amazed


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It is his first job interview,so there is no room for mistakes in the first ________.

A.information  B. expression

C.impression  D.description


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Now that he ________ that he had made some mistakes,you should have forgiven him.

A.excused  B.avoided  C.admitted  D.agreed


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There was a very special teacher who made a far­reaching difference in my life.

Fall,1959,the first day of class at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School was about to begin. “Who,”I asked a senior,“is Mrs. McNamara,my 10 th grade English teacher?”He just ____ and said something about my being in ____.Soon,I understood what he meant. Mrs. McNamara had a pattern of ____ that she repeated again and again. We would have a literature reading task for ____.The next day,when we came to class,there would be two or three topics on the blackboard ___ to the homework reading. We were ____ to write an in­class essay about one of the topics. The following day,she would ____ the corrected and graded essays and each person would be called ____ to stand in front of the class and to ____ his/her essay. The class were required to criticize (评论) that essay,____the grade of everyone in class would be reduced.

The first time that I ____ her read­write­criticize method,I had not ____ to do the homework and had written something without knowing what it meant.____ the extreme embarrassment I suffered,standing before my classmates,____myself. No one laughed at me;no one would be ____ enough,or foolish enough,to do that in Mrs.McNamara's class. The embarrassment came from ____ and along with it came a strong ____ not to let it happen again.

Mrs. McNamara kept all of our written work in files;it was easy to see the ____ in writing that had occurred. What was not so easy to see was the inner transformation that had taken place,at least for me. What Mrs. McNamara ____ me to do was to see myself as others see me and,having done that,I could improve myself. And I____.Thank you,Mrs. McNamara.

1.A.nodded  B.laughed  C.apologized  D.shouted

2.A.trouble  B.sorrow  C.danger  D.anger

3.A.behaviour  B.evaluation  C.activity  D.thought

4.A.review  B.performance 

C.practice  D.homework

5.A.added  B.related  C.contributed  D.compared

6.A.expected  B.persuaded  C.allowed  D.advised

7.A.collect  B.return  C.send  D.receive

8..A.on purpose  B.at first  C.by chance  D.in turn

9.A.talk through  B.hand over  C.read out  D. show off

10.A.so  B.and  C.but  D.or

11.A.tried  B.adopted  C.examined  D.experienced

12.A.undertaken  B.attempted  C.bothered  D.hesitated

13.A.Remember  B.Predict  C.Bear  D.Imagine

14.A.playing jokes on  B.making a fool of 

C.setting a trap for  D.taking advantage of

15.A.brave  B.careless  C.proud  D.selfish

16.A.above  B.within  C.behind  D.below

17.A.tendency  B.preference 

C.determination  D.sense

18.A.improvements  B.pains 

C.difficulties  D.advantages

19.A.trusted  B.invited  C.forced  D.permitted

20.A.did  B.could  C.had  D.would


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Getting a good education is more important today than ever before. It is the best thing you can do to build a better future for your children and yourself.

Most children in Canada attend public schools. Public schools are completely founded by governments through tax (税收) income. Boys and girls attend the same school and share the same courses and classes. Schooling in Canada is provided in English and in French.

The rest of Canadian children attend private schools,which are supported mainly by fees (费) paid directly by parents. Some private schools enroll (招收) only boys or girls.

By law,children must attend school from age 5 to 16.Children are usually in school between 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.,and 3:00 or 4:00 p.m.Monday through Friday,from September to the middle of June. There are several different levels in the Canadian education system. The first is called Elementary Schools. In most provinces Elementary Schools include Kindergarten through Grade 7 or 8.

From Grade 8 or 9 through 12 or 13,children go to Secondary School or High School. High School students must take certain courses for several years,such as English or French and mathematics. Some courses help students get a job after they graduate from school. Other courses prepare students for college or university. In Canada,teenagers usually make these choices for themselves,with the advice of their teachers,guidance counselor (指导教师) and parents.

Schools usually offer extra activities at the end of the normal school day. These include sports,games,music and clubs.

Most elementary and high schools encourage parents to take part in school activities. Parents' nights are organized from time to time. These are chances for parents to discuss their children's progress with teachers. You may wish to bring a friend with you. After graduating from high school,many young adults continue their studies through post­secondary education.

1.According to the passage,students in Canada can get education for free in ________.

A.private schools  B.universities  

C.public schools  D.community (社区) college

2.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

A.Most high school students choose their courses against their wills.

B.The students do their after­class activities all the afternoon.

C.Parents are allowed to take part in school activities in the morning.

D.If you don't send your five­year­old child to school in Canada—you break the law in Canada.

3.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A.There are only boys in some private schools.

B.There are only boys in some public schools.

C.There are both boys and girls in some private schools.

D.There are both boys and girls in all public schools.

4.We can tell that from the middle of June to August,the students in Canada are ________.

A.on school holidays 

B.in school    

C.at work 

D.preparing for the final examination


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Here's an unusual story:a diamond ring was recently found in an egg. The magician,Liu Qian,discovered it,in front of an audience of millions at CCTV's Spring Festival Gala. Liu's magic tricks have made the centuries­old art of magic fashionable once again,and made him the hottest magician in China.

As a seasoned young magician from Taiwan,Liu is popular worldwide for his magic shows. Countries he has performed in include the United States,Japan,South Korea and the UK.

Witnessing something impossible happen right before your eyes is the root of people's love for magic.

Liu is known for his interaction (互动) with his audiences. He has a unique understanding of showmanship (演出技巧).

“It's actually thinking rather than one's manipulation (操作) skills that is more important to achieving a successful magic show. We think carefully about how to design the shows creatively,to make them appear more interesting.”Liu said.

Liu Qian's success dated back to his childhood. Born in 1976 in Taiwan,he found himself attracted to a magic toy in a shop when he was seven years old. At the age of 12,he won Taiwan's Youth Magic Contest,which was judged by the great American magician,David Copperfield.

Yet,Liu never planned on becoming a professional magician. He studied Japanese literature at university and only hoped to be an amateur (业余的) magician in his spare time. However,his failure to find a proper job after graduation pushed him towards magic as a career.

To refine his performing skills,he has performed on streets,roads and fields for passers­by,policemen and farmers.

“Street shows are the biggest challenge for us magicians. We have to deal with unexpected situations and tough crowds,”Liu said.

1.The story is about ________.

A.Liu Qian's experiences of becoming a great magician

B.why people love magic

C.what magic tricks are

D.how fashionable magic is

2.People love to watch magic because ________.

A.they can't figure out the secret of magic

B.it makes them happy

C.they love watching magicians make something impossible happen

D.it is a centuries­old art

3.Which of the following is the key reason that Liu Qian decided to make magic his career?

A.He was interested in magic when he was young.

B.He had won Taiwan's Youth Magic Contest.

C.He became an amateur magician in his spare time.

D.He couldn't find an acceptable job after graduation.

4.From the story we know that ________.

A.Liu Qian competed in many magic competitions

B.Liu Qian often invites audiences to be in his magic show

C.Liu Qian performs on streets in order to increase his fame

D.Liu Qian does street show to make money


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So long as teachers fail to distinguish between teaching and learning,they will continue to undertake to do for children that which only children can do for themselves.Teaching children to read is not passing reading on to them.It is certainly not endless hours spent in activities about reading.Douglas insists that “reading cannot be taught directly and schools should stop trying to do the impossible”.

Teaching and learning are two entirely different processes.They differ in kind and function.The function of teaching is to create the conditions and the climate that will make it possible for children to devise the most efficient system for teaching themselves to read.Teaching is also public activity.It can be seen and observed.

Learning to read involves all that each individual does to make sense of the world of printed language.Almost all of it is private, for learning is an occupation of the mind,and that process is not open to public scrutiny.

If teacher and learner roles are not interchangeable,what then can be done through teaching that will aid the child in the quest(探索)for knowledge? Smith has one principal rule for all teaching instructions.“Make learning to read easy, which means making reading a meaningful,enjoyable and frequent experience for children.”

When the roles of teacher and learner are seen for what they are,and when both teacher and learner fulfill them appropriately,then much of the pressure and feeling of failure both is eliminated.Learning to read is made easier when teachers create an environment where children are given the opportunity to solve the problem of learning to read by reading.

1.The problem with the reading course as mentioned in the first paragraph is that ________.

A.it is one of the most difficult school courses

B.students spend endless hours in reading

C.reading tasks are assigned with little guidance

D.too much time is spent in teaching about reading

2.The teaching of reading will be successful if________.

A.teachers can improve conditions at school for the students

B.teachers can enable students to develop their own way of reading

C.teachers can devise the most efficient system for reading

D.teachers can make their teaching activities observable

3.The underlined word “scrutiny” most probably means “________”.

A.inquiry  B.observation  C.control  D.suspicion


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Almost everyone has seen someone speed read.They appear to skim the text and still have read and absorbed the content.The people who have studied speed reading techniques will still read at different speeds;however they will undoubtedly beat those without experience.

The best and most efficient way to learn to read fast is to join in classes,where speed reading skills will be explained clearly.

The advantage of courses is that students will be shown several different strategies showing them to choose the ones they find easiest to understand the material they are reading.

Students should try to learn all the strategies presented during their courses as, once these are mastered,they will see a dramatic improvement in their reading rate,after which they can choose their preferred style. Students will see the benefits of speed reading as soon as the techniques are applied to their main field of study.

A traditional education builds habits in reading which a good speed reading course will  push aside,replacing with new techniques. A comprehensive course will also advise students how to become more efficient readers;hopefully this will also encourage the desire for self improvement as well as the desire to read.

Lecturers in speed reading will usually take the time to teach students the importance of  preparing the environment they work in before they read a single work­ remember reading at speed is all about increasing the speed of comprehension not just the speed of reading! The satisfaction of reading faster and with better comprehension skills cannot be ignored;the techniques of speed reading increase the enjoyment of reading.Speed reading is a skill to be encouraged in each and every generation of new readers.

1.What's the best title of this passage?

A.Speed Reading Is an Important Skill

B.Speed Reading Brings You Pleasure

C.Better Attend a Special Class

D.Your Reading Skill Have to Be Improved

2.What is the best way that readers can improve their speed reading according to the    writer's opinion?

A.To practice reading at different speeds.

B.To read fast without complete understanding.

C.To attend classes that teach speed reading.

D.To experience satisfaction by reading.

3. How does the writer suggest readers learn the strategies provided by the class?

A.They should choose one suitable strategy to improve speed reading.

B.They should choose the method suitable to their main field of study.

C.They must follow the instructions of their teachers.

D.They should try all of them in order to choose the suitable one.

4. Which of the following can be inferred from the text?

A.The aim of the reading course is only to increase the speed of reading.

B.The writer thinks little of the reading habits formed by traditional education.

C.The desire to read is the key factor to improve one's reading skill.

D.The speed reading course in designed for future generations.


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