Z: Hello, are you Mr. Smith from the United States?

M: Yes, Robert Smith. Please call me Robert.   1. .

Z: My pleasure. Welcome to China. My name is Zhang Lin. You can call me Lin. This is my card.

M: Thank you. And 2. .

Z: Oh, good, thanks. How was the journey?

M:   3. , although a little tiring.

Z: Then let’s get your things and go to the hotel now.

M: Oh, thank you. 4. ?

Z: It’s about thirty minutes’ drive. By the way, we are going to have a dinner party for you this evening.

M: It’s very kind of you.   5. ?

Z: Six thirty. I’ll pick you up at six o’clock.

M: OK, see you then.

Z: Bye.

A. It was OK

B. Where is the hotel

C. here is my card

D. Where shall we go

E. Thank you for meeting me

F. How many people are going there

G. What time does it begin


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Many years ago, when I was in high school and working on weekends, I lost my wallet. After adding gas to my old car, I paid, and  my wallet at the gas station. I hadn’t even had time to  I had lost it when my phone rang. A man asked me if I had lost my wallet. I  my purse and to my  , I had. He asked me to  him what was in it. I did so. He then told me where to  my wallet.

When I reached his  , I noticed his wheelchair and a slope(坡道)going up to the house. I thought that it might have been  for him to lower his body and pick up my wallet. I knocked on the door and he told me to come in. I  him for finding my wallet. While I didn’t want to insult(侮辱)him by offering  , I really felt like  something. So I asked him if there was anything I could do to repay his  , and he said, “Just pass it on. ”I said I would be  to do that. I was raised to be honest in any case and I would have done so,   promising this fellow I would, but I wanted to  his kindness, so I promised I would.

Ten years later I found a  lying on the ground. It  me several days to find the owner. He lived in another state, about 60 miles away from where I found the wallet. When he  me back, we  to meet, so I could return his wallet. He was actually  all his money was still in the wallet and he tried to hand me a $20 bill. I told him, “Thanks, but just pass it on. . . ”

1.A. forgot  B. left   C. found  D. saw

2. A. realizeB. regretC. considerD. recognize

3. A. lookedB. checked

C. foundD. searched for

4.A. angerB. delightC. horrorD. excitement

5. A. tellB. giveC. buyD. offer

6. A. turn upB. bring up

C. look upD. pick up

7.A. houseB. schoolC. companyD. station

8. A. easyB. practical

C. difficultD. useful

9.A. presentedB. thankedC. blamedD. paid

10. A. helpB. thanksC. moneyD. wallet

11. A. leavingB. sayingC. offeringD. owning

12. A. laborB. patienceC. kindnessD. support

13.A. ableB. hardC. certainD. possible

14. A. withoutB. withC. onD. by

15.A. repayB. thankC. showD. reply

16.A. packageB. cellphone

C. cardD. wallet

17. A. spentB. costC. wastedD. took

18. A. calledB. paidC. broughtD. went

19. A. startedB. preferredC. agreedD. failed

20. A. satisfiedB. worried

C. puzzledD. surprised


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Most tourist destinations around China are witnessing travel peaks during the eight-day Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays that run through Sunday. In Beijing, the Palace Museum, or the Forbidden City, attracted 182, 000 tourists on Tuesday, the biggest number on a single day, as millions of visitors arrived in the national capital. “We saw absolutely nothing but people’s heads. ”said Guo Zhijun, 42, of Henan province. “We wanted our 11-year-old son to learn something from the trip, but we only ended up very tired. ”


Earlier, from Sunday noon to midday Monday, garbage collected at Tian’ anmen Square in the heart of the city amounted to 7. 9 tons, a quarter more than that in the same period of last year.

In the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, its top five major tourist sites attracted more than 200, 000 visitors on Tuesday.

Yesterday, thousands of cars jammed two 20-kilometer mountain roads winding to and out of the Lushan Mountain scenic area in the eastern province of Jiangxi. The area, with about 3, 000 car parking spaces, was unable to contain at least 8, 000 inbound cars, said head of the Lushan Mountain public security bureau.

The Lushan Mountain tourism administration temporarily stopped selling entrance tickets to prevent the traffic from growing on Tuesday afternoon. Similar measures could be taken during the rest of the holidays, a police officer said.

Emergency measures have been taken at other scenic sites. Crowded visitors overwhelmed the capacity(承载量)of the cable cars at Huashan Mountain, in Shaanxi province, leaving tens of thousands of stuck at the peak late into Tuesday night. According to China Central Television, restless visitors demanded refunds from the tourism committee, and a lot of visitors had to give up and walk down the mountain.

Chen Li, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department, said on his micro blog that more than 300 policemen and government officials climbed up the mountain to help trapped visitors. Fearing that tourist sites might become too crowded, many people are staying at home, going shopping or making short suburban trips. A resident Mr. Wang in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi, canceled long-distance travel plans after learning of heavy traffic on many highways during the first two days of the holidays. Instead, Mr.  Wang, his wife and son went fishing in the suburbs before having a picnic.

1. What happened in the Forbidden City that Tuesday?

A. There were far more visitors coming than expected.

B. A large number of zones were opened to the visitors.

C. Over 7. 9 tons of garbage was collected.

D. More than 200, 000 visitors gathered there.

2.What does the underlined word “overwhelmed” mean in Paragraph 6?

A. Showed up.        B. Added to.

C. Reached beyond. D. Filled in.

3. The writer wrote this article to   .

A. advise traveling to different places to learn something

B. warn people not to climb those mountains on holiday

C. encourage people to change the travel plans according to the traffic

D. suggest we stay at home or go shopping during those holidays

4. Which of the following might be the best title?

A. Experiences from Different Travel Plans

B. Travel Peaks in China’s Tourist Sites

C. Floods of People to the Forbidden City

D. Problems with Traveling on Holiday


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The Cambodian government says more than 378 people died and hundreds more were injured in a stampede(踩踏)during the celebrations of the annual Water Festival late Monday in Phnom Penh.


Less than 24 hours after the tragedy(悲剧), Cambodia’s most serious loss of life in decades(十年), the government founded an organization to investigate(调查)how so many died on what was meant to be one of the nation’s most joyous occasions.

Most of the victims(牺牲品)were young people in their teens and twenties. They were some of the estimated(估计)two million who had flooded to Phnom Penh for the Water Festival, which marks the end of the rainy season.

Most suffocated on the bridge, which thousands of people were using to leave Diamond Island, an entertainment(娱乐)area in the middle of the river. Others drowned(溺水)after jumping from the bridge into the water.

Buot Panha, 19, said shortly after 9: 30 on Monday evening he ended up trapped(围困)with his friends in the middle of the bridge, fighting to breathe while terrified people struggled all around him.

Being tall saved his life, since he could stretch(伸出)his neck to take in oxygen(氧气). Shorter people were unable to do that, he says, which may be why two-thirds of the victims were women.

He tried to help a woman who was trapped with two children near him. She was screaming for people to help. Being tall, Buot Panha grabbed(抓住)one child and pushed him above the crowd to help him breathe.

But then some of the young men were told to jump off the bridge into the river to make room. So he handed back the child, squirmed his way to the edge, and jumped.

Some like Buot Panha were fortunate, jumping into the river below and swimming for the shore. But many simply could not move, and died where they lay.

Buot Panha says his first Water Festival will be his last. He vows(发誓)never to come back.

1.The passage is mainly about   .

A. Water Festival celebrations

B. a stampede in Cambodia

C. a teenager, Buot Panha

D. a woman and her children

2.What is the main idea of Paragraph 2?

A. It is the biggest tragedy in decades in Cambodia.

B. It is the most serious loss of life in decades in Cambodia.

C. The government ordered an investigation.

D. Water Festival is Cambodia’s most joyous occasion.

3.The underlined word “suffocated” (in Paragraph 4)probably means   .

A. breathed in

B. felt uncomfortable

C. died from too little oxygen

D. left in a hurry

4.Which of the following is TRUE about Buot Panha according to the passage?

A. His being tall saved him in the river.

B. He struggled through the crowd to save one child.

C. It was his first time to attend the Water Festival alone.

D. He will never come back to Phnom Penh for the Water Festival.


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A. The introduction of Paris

B. The culture of Paris

C. The population growth in Paris

D. The production of Paris

E. The education in Paris

F. The industries in Paris

1.Paris, the capital and the largest city of the country, is in north central France. The Paris metropolitan area contains nearly 20% of the nation’s population and is the economic, cultural, and political center of France. The French governments have historically favored the city as the site for all decision-making, thus powerfully attracting nearly all of the nation’s activities.

2.Paris has grown steadily since it was chosen as the national capital in the late 10th century. With the introduction of the Industrial Revolution, a great number of people moved to the city from the country during the 19th century. The migration was especially stimulated by the construction of railroads, which provided easy access to the capital. After World War, more and more immigrants arrived.

3.The city is the centralized control point of most national radio and television broadcasting. It is a place of publication of the most important newspapers and magazines and an international book publishing center. With more than 100 museums, Paris has truly one of the greatest concentrations of art treasures in the world. The Louvre, opened as a museum in 1793, is one of the largest museums in the world.

4.In the late 1980s about 4. 1 million pupils annually attended about 47, 000 elementary schools. In addition, about 5. 4 million students attended some 11, 200 secondary schools. Approximately 1. 2 million students were enrolled annually at universities and colleges in France in the late 1980s. French centers of learning have served as academic models throughout the world.

5.Paris is the leading industrial center of France, with about one quarter of the nation’s manufacturing concentrated in the metropolitan area. Industries of consumers’ goods have always been drawn to Paris by the enormous market of the big population, and modern, high technology industries also have become numerous since World War. Chief manufactures are machinery, automobiles, chemicals and electrical equipment.


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Last Sunday my father and I went fishing along a river. We found the water very dirty that we could hardly catch any fish in it. A lot of factories along the river always poured their waste water and rubbish straightly into the river, which made the river polluting. In this way most of the fish in the river was killed. Unless the rivers all over the country are polluted like this, no living things will be exist in the water. As we all know, environmental pollution do great harm to living things. Now more and more people have realized what serious this problem is. Our government is doing her best to take measure to fight against pollution. We expect that water in every river will be made cleaner and cleaner before long.


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Do you suppose Darwin, one of the greatest scientists of all time, really did foolish experiments? Or did he do experiments that were so simple and basic that other people just thought they were foolish?


Sometimes, people think they already know the answer to a question or the solution to a problem. Sometimes, they really do know an answer or a solution, but without thinking they are important.

Charles Darwin didn’t settle for(满足于)just thinking he knew something. And, he believed all things could be important however simple they seemed to be.

Suppose you drop sheets of paper that are of exactly the same size and shape. If you drop them at the same time in the same place, they will fall in the same way. Now make one of the sheets of paper into a tight little ball and let it drop along with the other sheets. What happens? You have done an experiment that is so simple that you might think it couldn’t be worth anything.

But this simple experiment is important. It explains part of our present-day understandings of physics, ideas that were worked out long ago by Galileo and Newton. And these understandings set aside some of ancient Greek physics.

Scientists sometimes stop to look at very simple things and to think very hard about them. Even the simplest idea, which we might think is foolish, can shake the foundations of science.

1. The passage tells us that Charles Darwin    .

A. was a great English scientist

B. always liked doing the experiments that others thought difficult

C. thought even the simplest thing was important

D. didn’t get well with others

2. The underlined phrase “set aside” most probably means    .

A. throw away           B. store up

C. put to use             D. realize

3. The author of the passage tries to    .

A. convince us that Charles Darwin, Galileo and Newton are the greatest scientists in the world

B. draw the conclusion that basic sciences are simple things

C. prove that two sheets of paper, with the same size and shape, will fall at the same speed

D. draw our attention to everyday happenings around us

4.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Darwin really did foolish experiments.

B. According to some people Darwin did foolish experiments.

C. It is believed by all the people that things could be important though they seemed to be simple.

D. Galileo and Newton worked out ancient Greek physics.


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Few of us haven’t read Cinderella, the story of a young woman living in poverty who meets the prince of her dreams. Some might not want to admit it, but there is a hidden Cinderella in everyone’s heart—we all wish we could achieve recognition or success after a period of obscurity(默默无闻)or neglect.


Mary Santiago has that secret dream, too. Her story is featured in Another Cinderella Story, a film set in a US high school.

Mary is shy but loves to dance. Compared with other girls, she is invisible. However, her world changes completely when a famous teenage pop singer, Joey Parker, appears.

Joey is everything the rest of the boys in her class are not—kind, handsome and desirable. Mary and Joey’s paths cross at a ball. They meet and fall in love with each other. But when Mary has to rush back home, she leaves behind her MP3 player, which becomes the only clue Joey has to find the girl of his dreams. Of course, there is a wicked(邪恶的)stepmother, who turns out to be Dominique Blatt and she takes in Mary after her dancer mother dies. Dominique treats Mary like a maid and does everything she can to make sure Mary doesn’t get into the top dance school. Her two daughters are equally determined to stop Joey falling for Mary, even if that means embarrassing her.

The story, though it mostly follows Cinderella, does add a few modern day twists to the classic fairy tale. Refreshingly, the film, unlike many high school films, does not focus on looks, although the actors are all beautiful. There is also a lot less materialism in Another Cinderella Story than in many similar movies.

“The movie takes the fairy tale Cinderella as its jumping off point, ”writes movie critic Amber Wilkinson. “The focus is firmly on following your dream. ”

1.The first paragraph is mainly to    .

A. build interest and lead us to Mary’s secret dream

B. remind us why Cinderella is popular all the years

C. inform us of the main topic of the whole passage

D. tell us how interesting the fairy tale Cinderella is

2. In the movie, Mary Santiago is the main character who    .

A. is brave in expressing her love

B. is attended to badly by the stepmother

C. has a dream of meeting a prince

D. is embarrassed by the pop singer

3.What can we infer from the passage?

A. Joey is just like other boys in Mary’s class.

B. Mary’s mother influences her a lot in singing.

C. Not many people have a dream to be realized.

D. The MP3 player helps Joey in finding Mary.

4.The passage is mainly    .

A. an introduction to a film

B. a review about a film

C. an essay about dreams

D. an advertisement of Cinderella

5.According to the passage, Another Cinderella Story    .

A. follows Cinderella with nothing new

B. pays more attention to the looks of the actors

C. encourages young people to follow their dreams

D. focuses more on materialism than other films


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We will be traveling to the Presidio in San Francisco to visit the newly opened Walt Disney Family Museum. There are countless art exhibits and even a model of an early Disneyland Park.


We will enter the museum at the same time and then each family is free to enjoy the art exhibits in the museum. Lunch will be on you, so bring a lunch or bring money for the Museum Café. For those of you who are interested in exploring the Presidio, there is a free Presidio bus. The Walt Disney Family Museum is a must-see for anyone who likes Disneyland. Here are the details:

Date: March 22, 2013

Time: 9: 30 am to 4: 00 pm

Location: Presidio, San Francisco

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I first met Li Ming at a friend birthday party five years ago. Then I invited Li Ming over in my place. We listen to my CDs together and soon became best friend. Three years ago, Li Ming’s parents invited I to spend two wonderful week in Qingdao with them during the summer holiday. Li Ming and I loved walking along the beautifully beaches there. Last year I was ill but had to stay in hospital for a week. Li Ming came see me every day. Then his father has changed jobs and they moved to another city. Since then we haven’t see each other much. But we’ve kept writing to each other.


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I was ten when I first sat with my grandmother behind the cashier(收银台)in her general store.   1. I quickly learned the importance of treating customers politely and saying “thank you”.

At first I was paid in candy.   2. I worked every day after school, and during the summer and on weekends and holidays from 8 a. m. to 7 p. m. . My father helped me set up a bank account.   3. 

By the time I was 12, My grandmother thought I had done such a good job that she promoted me to selling cosmetics(化妆品). I developed the ability to look customers directly in the eye. Even though I was just a kid, women would ask me such things as “What color do you think I should wear? ”I took a real interest in their questions and was able to translate what they wanted into makeup(化妆)ideas. 4. 

The job taught me a valuable lesson: to be a successful salesperson, you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist—you needed to be a great listener.   5. Expect they are no longer women purchasing cosmetics from me; instead, they are kids who tell me which toys they would like to see designed and developed.

A. Later I received 50 cents an hour.

B. Before long, she let me sit there by myself.

C. I ended my selling a record amount of cosmetics.

D. Today I still carry that lesson with me: I listen to customers.

E. My grandma’s trust taught me how to handle responsibility.

F. Soon I found myself looking more beautiful than ever before.

G. Watching my money grow was more rewarding than anything I could have bought.


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A school master of Thurso in Caithness, William Munro, wrote in a report in THE TIMES on September 8, 1809 that twelve years earlier he had been walking along Sandside Bay shore when he saw what he first thought was a naked woman, sitting on a rock and combing her light brown hair. The face was fatty round, with reddish cheeks and blue eyes. If the rock where the woman sat had not been so dangerous for swimmers, Munro would have thought it was human. After a few minutes it dropped into the sea and swam away. Others had seen it too.


The island of Benbecula in the outer Hebrides, about 1830, women cutting seaweed reported they had met a creature of female form playing happily off the shore. A few days later her dead body was found two miles from where she had first been seen. The description of the creature was recorded thus, “the upper part of the creature was about the size of a well-fed child of three or four years of age, with an extraordinarily developed breast. The hair was long, dark and glossy(有光泽), while the skin was white, soft and tender. The lower part of the body was like a salmon(鲑鱼). ”

1.From the description given by the witnesses, we know that    .

A. mermaids did exist

B. mermaids shaped like females

C. mermaids looked terrible

D. mermaids shaped like fish

2. This passage most probably comes from    .

A. scientific books    B. tales collection

C. travel guideD. fishing webpages

3. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The school master and the women saw a mermaid in the same year.

B. The school master saw a mermaid swimming in the sea.

C. The women saw a mermaid swimming in the sea.

D. It was said that mermaids developed from salmons.

4. Which of the following is WRONG?

A. Not all the people believe they were mermaids.

B. People have taken photos of the creature.

C. The creature in the second case looked like a woman with a fish’s tail.

D. Both of these two tales may not be true.


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  Ten years ago, with only about 1, 000 pandas left in the world, China was desperately trying to clone(克隆)the animal and save the endangered species(物种). That was a move similar to what Texas A & M University researchers had been undertaking for the past five years in a project called “Noah’s Ark”(诺亚方舟).

Noah’s Ark was aimed at collecting eggs, embryos(胚胎), semen and DNA of endangered animals and storing them in liquid nitrogen. If certain species should become extinct, Dr. Duane Kraemer, a professor in Texas A & M’s College of Veterinary Medicine, said there would be enough of the basic building blocks to reintroduce the species in the future.


It was estimated that as many as 2, 000 species of mammals, birds reptiles would become extinct in over 100 years. The panda, native only to China, was in danger of becoming extinct in the next 25 years.

This week, Chinese scientists said they grew an embryo by introducing cells from a dead female panda into the egg cells of a Japanese white rabbit. They were then trying to implant the embryo into a host animal.

The entire procedure could take from three to five years to complete.

“The nucleus transfer(核子移植)of one species to another is not easy, and the lack of available(capable of being used)panda eggs could be a major problem,”Kraemer believed. “They will probably have to do several hundred transfers to result in one pregnancy(having a baby). It takes a long time and it’s difficult, but this could be groundbreaking science if it works. They are certainly not putting any live pandas at risk, so it is worth the effort, ”added Kraemer, who was one of the leaders of the project at Texas A& M, the first-ever attempt at cloning a dog.

“They are trying to do something that’s never been done, and this is very similar to our work in Noah’s Ark. We’re both trying to save animals that face extinction. I certainly appreciate their effort and there’s a lot we can learn from what they are attempting to do. It’s a research that is very much needed. ”

At present, the project has worked. The number of the pandas has increased to more than 1, 500.

1.The aim of “Noah’s Ark” project was to    .

A. make efforts to clone the endangered pandas

B. save endangered animals from dying out

C. collect DNA of endangered animals to study

D. transfer the nucleus of one animal to another

2. According to Professor Kraemer, the major problem in cloning pandas would be the lack of    .

A. available panda eggs   B. host animals

C. qualified researchersD. enough money

3. The best title for the passage may be    .

A. China’s Success in Pandas Cloning

B. The First Cloned Panda in the World

C. Exploring the Possibility to Clone Pandas

D. China—the Native Place of Pandas Forever

4.From the passage we know that    .

A. Kraemer and his team had succeeded in cloning a dog

B. scientists tried to implant a panda’s egg into a rabbit

C. Kraemer would work with Chinese scientists in clone researches

D. about two thousand species would probably die out in a century


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There has been an outpouring of love for a 23-year-old disabled woman whose dog was killed in front of her while a groomer(美容师)tried to trim(修剪)its claws.


Calls and e-mails came from as far away as the Upper Peninsula and Arizona as well as Oakland and Macomb counties, offering Laurie Crouch, who uses a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis(硬化症), everything from dogs to money, such as that from Jason Daly of Roseville who said, “I would like to buy her a new dog. ”

A story about the death of Crouch’s pet, Gooch, was printed on the front page of Macomb Daily. Crouch said a groomer tied Gooch up with a collar, and then she and a man sat on the dog to trim its nails. Gooch died after one claw was trimmed.

Crouch yelled at the groomer to stop when she saw Gooch was struggling to breathe, but she said she was ignored. “If I could have walked, I would have put my hands on her and pulled her off my dog and physically stopped her, but I can’t do that. ”Gooch was not a trained service animal, but naturally helped Crouch by picking up things for her.

“This case is absolute animal abuse(虐待), ”Larry Obrecht, division manager of the Oakland County Animal Shelter in Auburn Hills said.

People who read the story contacted Oakland Press to offer help. A message, from Rebecca Amett of Giggles N Wiggles Puppy Rescue in Roseville, said, “We have puppies to donate and want to help the young woman who lost her service dog. ”

“When Gooch was with me I was happy, ”Crouch said, “I think I can be happy again but no animal can replace Gooch. There’s never going to be another Gooch out there but I think I will find a dog that can bring me joy again. ”

1.People called and emailed to    .

A. give their angry voice to the groomer

B. offer help and care to Laurie Crouch

C. tell Crouch how to punish the groomer

D. offer a cure for Crouch’s disease

2. Gooch died mainly because    .

A. the groomer was careless

B. the groomer didn’t know how to trim the dog’s nails

C. the groomer sat on the dog with another man

D. the dog was wearing a collar

3.What do we know about Crouch’s dog?

A. It was a specially trained service dog.

B. It was trained to do many things for people.

C. It was Crouch’s only friend.

D. It could offer some help to Crouch.

4.What does the passage mainly tell us?

A. A disabled woman’s service dog.

B. A cruel groomer killed a disabled woman’s dog.

C. People’s love for a disabled woman who lost her dog.

D. A disabled woman loves to have the dog as company.


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  It was July 1976. An unmanned spaceship, Viking One, had arrived at Mars. On July 20th, the spaceship  . Part of it continued toward a landing on the planet. It fell  through the late afternoon Mars’ sky.

Forty kilometers above the planet, the thin  began to slow its fall. Six kilometers above the planet a big parachute(降落伞)opened. The landing craft fell more slowly. Then, three rocket engines  . And the landing craft set down  on the surface.   in the Viking One Lander immediately sent a message to the earth. It said, “I am here. I am down safely. I am beginning my work. ”

The message  at the speed of light. It took twenty minutes to reach the earth, more than three hundred and twenty million kilometers  . Scientists and engineers at the control center  .

Moments later, television receiver in the control center began to  the first picture from Viking One. People at the center could see the feet of the landing craft sitting firmly on the 11 soil of Mars. Those pictures were our first  look at the planet. They showed a red surface, full of rocks, with no sign of  . It was our first look at a planet that is full of surprises, mysteries and promise. Viking One was launched toward Mars in August, 1975. The spaceship had two  : an orbiter(轨道飞行器)and a lander(着陆器). The orbiter would circle  Mars. It would take pictures of Mars’ surface. It would  the atmosphere.

The  would go down to the surface. It would carry  to dig up and study soil and  .

It also would report about any evidence of life on the planet. The lander would send this  to the orbiter and then back to the earth.

1.A. separated                   B. appeared

C. workedD. started

2. A. correctly  B. slowly  C. quickly  D. directly

3. A. airB. universe

C. spaceD. atmosphere

4.A. firedB. fellC. openedD. floated

5. A. heavilyB. softly

C. suddenlyD. immediately

6. A. A computerB. A rocket

C. A pilotD. An astronaut

7.A. spreadB. traveledC. shotD. moved

8. A. farB. longC. distantD. away

9.A. shoutedB. watched

C. cheeredD. welcomed

10. A. makeB. takeC. showD. search

11. A. redB. brownC. grayD. black

12.A. carefulB. closeC. realD. clear

13. A. menB. lifeC. treesD. air

14.A. partsB. rocketsC. enginesD. centers

15. A. throughB. towardsC. overD. around

16. A. enterB. examine

C. collectD. discover

17. A. orbiterB. lander

C. spaceshipD. rocket

18. A. engineersB. astronauts

C. parachutesD. instruments

19. A. surfaceB. treesC. rocksD. pictures

20.A. spaceshipB. rocket

C. landerD. information


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One night in March 1999, a man was driving from California to Oregon, US, to visit some friends. He had stopped his car to have some food when he started to hear strange noises. Turning on the headlights, he saw an 8-foot-tall creature covered in thick, dark hair. The creature stared at him for a minute, turned in the road and walked off slowly into the woods.


In the past 50 years alone, there have been thousands of reported sightings of similar creatures in the US, Canada, the Himalayas(喜马拉雅山地区)and even Hubei Province in China. The creature is known as bigfoot.

Bigfoot is said to be a very tall(between 2 and 4. 5 metres), ape-like(类人猿似的)creature that is covered in hair and walks upright on two legs. It is very wary(警惕的)of human beings.

Believers think bigfoot is a direct descendent(后代)of ancient gigantopithecus(巨猿). But it remains one of the planet’s undiscovered secrets. There is a little evidence(证据)to support the believers’ theory: traces of hair, footprints and body prints as well as the reported sightings. Some people have even showed what they say with photos or films of bigfoot.

But so far, no one has found bones or any other definite proof that the giant creature exists.

As a result many people believe the evidence is just part of a big trick.

The footprints are easy to make and they say: all you need to do is to make two large feet out of plaster(石膏), attach them to the bottom of your shoes and walk with big steps. As for the photos and films, they are just people dressed in ape suits.

They also say the sightings are not real, just people making mistakes. For example, bigfoot could be a bear living in the wild that sometimes stands up on its back legs.

1. So far what we can be sure about is that    .

A. there exist savages(野人)in several places in the world

B. there are some traces of hair, footprints and body prints of the “bigfoot”

C. bigfoot is a direct descendent of ancient gigantopithecus

D. all the big foot discovered have the same look

2.It was in   that man first found the ape-like creature.

A. 1999B. the 1960’s

C. the 1950’sD. the 1940’s

3. The article infers but doesn’t say so that some people    bigfoot’s existence.

A. may fool the world into believing

B. have definite evidences to prove

C. refuse to believe

D. will soon offer proofs of

4.If bigfoot is just a misunderstanding, what they saw might NOT be    .

A. apes

B. bears

C. gigantopithecus

D. people dressed in animal skins


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Today, more and more high school student publish their own blogs on the Internet. For one thing, it can provide colorful platform to show their talents, and for another, it is also a way to release their pressure. And this make it popular to high school students. But many parents and teachers hold a same view, and they think that managing a blog will take a lot of time and energy, while this should be used study which is their main duty. Personally, I do approve of this activity. Open and organizing an eye-catching blog needs various abilities such like writing, designing and so on. Only if that we have those abilities can we make a good blog. And also, we can improve themselves during the procedure of organizing our blogs.


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  It’s only 4 hours flying time from Sydney, but a world away. What better place to rest than a country where the only place people hurry is on the football field and things are done in “Fiji time”?

Viti Levu—Great Fiji—is the largest island. Here you’ll find the capital Suva and the international airport at Nadi. Vatoa, on the other hand, is a tiny island in the farthest part of Fiji. Then there are 331 other islands, many of them with places to stay.

With less than a million people living on islands, you’ll never feel crowded.  And with a climate(气候)that changes only for five degrees between seasons, there’s never a bad time to come.

From cities to villages, from mountains to beaches, from water sports to wooden artworks, Fiji can give you more adventures and special experiences than you could find almost anywhere in the world.

  Whenever you come, wherever you go, you’re sure to see some unforgettable events, from war dances to religious(宗教的)songs, from market days to religious days. It’s not just staged for tourists; it’s still a part of everyday life in Fiji.  And any one of us can enjoy Fiji’s spirit by being part of the traditional(传统的)sharing of yaqona—a drink made from the root of a Fiji plant.

So why not join us for the experience of a lifetime?

1. Where is the international airport of Fiji?

A. In Suva       B. In Sydney

C. On the island of VatoaD. On the island of Viti Levu

2. What does the text tell us about Fijian people?

A. They invented “Fiji time” for visitors.

B. They stick to a traditional way of life.

C. They like to travel from place to place.

D. They love taking adventures abroad.

3. One of the things that make Fiji a tourist attraction is   .

A. its comfortable hotels

B. its good weather all year round

C. its exciting football matches

D. its religious beliefs

4.Where can we most probably read this text?

A. In a personal diary

B. In a science report

C. In a travel magazine

D. In a geography textbook


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When I started my career in management, I was really green, but I always tried to stay positive on the job. I was working for a new company that was having a difficult time with its customers. Actually, at one point my General Manager told me he liked me and suggested I should start looking for a new job as we were about to lose our only order. Every day we faced people leaving the company, customers complaining, and upper management preparing to close the place.

One night, I went home thinking about the problems. My wife told me to forget about work and see a movie. We went and saw Slumdog Millionaire. Jamal, an eighteen-year-old Indian young man, is from a poor family and becomes rich later. He tries his best to change his position. I realized what we needed to do was to correct the situation.

The next day I called my customers to have a talk. I promised to do my best to solve the problems if they would give us some time. As a result, we were given one month to turn the situation around. This was our only chance to correct the situation. To achieve this, I worked day and night with my team. I can remember working from 6 a. m. and not going home until 2 a. m. the next day.

To make a long story short, we succeeded in solving all of the problems and at the same time increased our productivity(生产率). The customers and management were very happy, and I knew at that moment we had saved our jobs. Actually things went so well that we ended up having our pay doubled.

Through this experience I understand that you can achieve what you desire as long as you work at it and stay positive.

1. The General Manager advised the author to look for a new job mainly because   .

A. he knew the author didn’t want to stay there

B. his company was too small to hire so many people

C. he believed the author could get more pay that way

D. the management was preparing to close the department

2. Who caused the author to decide to change his situation?

A. The hero in a movie.    B. His wife.

C. His boss. D. The customers.

3. How long did the author stay in his department every day during that month?

A. 8 hours. B. 15 hours.

C. 20 hours. D. 24 hours.

4.The experience of the author shows that   .

A. if a person does his best and keeps positive, he’ll succeed

B. if a person takes advice from others, he’ll make progress

C. if a person is clever, he’ll realize his dream sooner or later

D. if a person wants to change his fate, he mustn’t change his job

5.What would be the best title for this passage?

A. My Work Experience

B. My First Management Job

C. How to Correct Your Situation

D. The Importance of Working Hard


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If you want to help children develop language and speech skills, UCLA researchers say, listening to what they have to say is just as important as talking to them.


The effect of a conversation between a child and an adult is about six times as great as the effect of adult speech input(输入)alone, the researchers found. “Adults speaking to children helps language develop, but what matters much more is the interaction, ”said the study’s lead author, Frederick   Zimmerman, an associate professor in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles.  The researchers also found that TV viewing didn’t have much of an effect—positively or negatively—as long as it wasn’t displacing conversations between an adult and a child.

The UCLA study included 275 families with children between 2 months and 48 months old.  They represented a variety of incomes and education.  The researchers found that, in an average day, children heard about 13, 000 spoken words from adults and participated in about 400 adult-child conversations a day.

Assessed separately, factors positively associated with language development included each additional 100 conversations a day and each 1, 000 words increase in the number of words spoken by adults and heard by children.  When looked at alone, TV was negatively associated with language development.  But, when these three factors were analyzed together, the only one that stood out was conversation between adults and children.

“The more a child speaks and interacts with an adult, the better idea a parent has about where the child is”, Zimmerman said. “Although it’s mostly done unconsciously, parents will provide feedback and correct mistakes.  They’ll also tailor their speech to the child.  Parents can give the children words by talking to them about what they’re doing, such as, ‘I’m putting on your pajamas now’.  But give your child the opportunity to talk, hopefully without the rest of the noise in the environment, ”she added. “If parents can carve out some conversation time—maybe at bath time or at dinner time—that’s a wonderful thing. ”

1. The researchers also found that TV viewing    .

A. could have a positive effect on a child’s language development

B. had a little effect on a child’s language development

C. affected a child’s language development more negatively than positively

D. affected a child’s language development both negatively and positively

2.Frederick Zimmerman would probably agree that    .

A. parents should let their children talk most of the time

B. children should watch TV programs selectively

C. the conversation between parents and children should be two-way

D. it’s no good for parents to correct their children’s mistakes when they are speaking

3. We can conclude from the last paragraph that    .

A. parents should let a child repeat what he or she says

B. bath time or dinner time is the best chance for parents to talk to a child

C. parent-child conversation can be carried out at any proper time

D. parents should leave a child talking alone

4. What would be the best title for the passage?

A. Talk with kids, not at them

B. Let your children voice their own opinions

C. How to develop a child’s language ability

D. The importance of early child language development

5.The underlined word “tailor” in the last paragraph can be best replaced by    .

A. controlB. improve

C. passD. adjust


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